Tara Tierhilfe organization helps all types of animals who are in the need of help!

Tara Tierhilfe organization helps all types of animals who are in the need of help!


At the equitana in Essen we have spoken with Tara Tierhilfe. This non profit organization helps all types of animals who are in the need of help. Animals such as ducks to cows, pics, goats and horses.

Organizations like this need the help from others and thereby 
we have made a pack with white buckets, black buckets, 3,5 L flytrap glue and all needed things to help those animals this summer with biting and irritating flies.

Amazing few days at BETA International 2019!

Amazing few days at BETA International 2019!

Benny the Pony

We have had an amazing few days at BETA International trade fair. Not only Benny the famous shetland pony made an visit to our stand,  but we have met such an great bunch of retailers who we are really excited about working with. Please keep an eye on the shop locator as all our new stockists will be uploaded over the next few weeks .

Next to our special glue to build flytraps around people and livestock we have introduced a new product for 2019,


The Sticky Trap ball.



Cleaning of the ball can be done with a spatula so the ball can be re-used.

Video of the Sticky Trap flytrap ball.

Ideal to use in combination with the Sticky Trap Pole (145 cm) to hang the trap in every location. For example near horses and livestock, by the pool, in your garden and any other place where problems occurs wit biting insects.

Our next  stop is the  Spoga horse fair in Collogne starting 2-4 Feb on stand A No 031. 

We are all ready and prepared for the summer we will be attending all the major horse shows in the couple of months.

Sticky Trap Flytrap glue used in the Zoo.

Sticky Trap Flytrap glue used in the Zoo.

Over the past years we have seen many use for our natural flytrap made with Sticky Trap and a black bucket around horses to catch biting horseflies. Our special flytrap glue can be used anywhere, inside stables, around horses & cattle but also in kitchens.


Last year we are starting to see more use cases in zoos and we are very proud of this. The animals are free of difficulties without using harmful and toxic products and that’s a win-win situation. Both outside and inside the premises where animals live is Sticky-Trap in use and as you can see, this brings a lot of interest among residents as well.


When visiting zoo’s in Germany, Poland and the Netherlands you can notice strangely hung black and white buckets. These are traps made our special and ecofriendly Sticky Trap Flytrap glue. They are found on different places: on the runways of giraffes, zebras, Somali donkeys, reindeer and other livestock.

White buckets are also installed inside the rooms centrally above the animals. They will protect animals from intrusive and disease spreading flies which normally cause many problems.


Years of pesticide use, agricultural poison such as roundup have caused major damage to the ecological system.
 '' Sticky Trap tackles the problem of biting horseflies and irritating flies without the use of pesticides! ''

Winner Innovation Award Beta International 2018! 

Winner Innovation Award Beta International 2018! 

Innovation award winner Sticky Trap



We are very proud to anounce that we have won the innovation award in Beta international!




The Innovation Awards – sponsored by Equestrian Trade News – are prestigious industry accolades that celebrate creativity, cutting-edge technology and inspirational invention. Over the years, they have acted as the launch pad for many products that have gone on to enjoy highly successful careers in the marketplace.

Taking part in the awards puts products firmly in the spotlight, as buyers and members of the media are always among those first in line to hear the winners announced as the corks pop and glasses of bubbly are served.


Each member of the Innovation Awards judging panel is an expert in his or her own field and they have been specially selected for their depth of knowledge and expertise. In 2018, the following judges will take up the challenge of selecting the winning entries...


The Innovation Award judges

Each member of the Innovation Awards judging panel is an expert in his or her own field and they have been specially selected for their depth of knowledge and expertise. In 2018, the following judges will take up the challenge of selecting the winning entries...  < Innovation Award judges





Sticky Trap Beta innovation award


Sticky Trap: The one and only! With Sticky Trap horsefly-trap glue you can make the cheapest and most effective horsefly-trap there is. The eco friendly flytraps can be build with a black bucket and a piece of rope. The sticky-trap horsefly glue is made from natural minerals, environmentally friendly, non toxic, safe to use and poses no threat to other animals. Bees, butterflies and other important species who pollinate flowers search for nectar and sweetness and thanks to a special formula they won’t get attracted to Sticky Trap.

You can use your black buckets again and again, year after year! Improved formula: Better adhesion, longer operation (up to 20 weeks), more efficient! 1 trap = 4000 m2 / 4 horses

Sticky Trap New & improved

Sticky Trap New & improved


Despite of the great success of the last years. We saw an opportunity to improve our product.

After testing in our lab with serveral proportions we have upgraded the viscosity and improved the composition of the Sticky Tap Horsefly-trap glue in the second half of the summer. The upgrades has no further consequences for the MSDS (safety sheet). Our special horsefly glue stays non toxic, ecofriendly and safe for humans & animals (birds included). 

The updated glue has an extended adhesion, up to 20 weeks. It now sticks even better when applied on a ball or bucket. Furthermore is the glue resistant against high temperatures on hot days. Up to 70 degrees Celcius! 

You can recognize the new packages by the green lids and the new blue label which says New & Improved. 


See the video below for a demonstration of the Sticky Trap Horsefly-trap glue put on a bucket and resistant against heat.


Sticky Trap Flytrap glue Horse product 2016 !

Sticky Trap Flytrap glue Horse product 2016 !



The summer is past away and thousands of Horsefly-egs are waiting in the ground for spring 2017. We can defiantly say that we had a great year @ Sticky Trap with the product, branding and a lot of new shops are starting to sell the Sticky Trap Horseglue! So many people are enthusiastic about the progress and product and shared this on social media like Facebook. Next to this we have been selected for best horse product of 2016 for in and around the stables !

With Sticky Trap horsefly-glue people can make a cheap and reliable system to catch lots of horseflies and free there animals of cruelty. The safe blend of minerals is known as Eco-friendlijk en with Sticky Trap there is hardly any by-catch! That's why Sticky Trap is trustful product for the environment. In the end of the summer we have improved the blend even more on Stickiness to black buckets and we have made a new product. : Sticky Trap Horse glue 0,5 L. This one is perfect for gardens, near the swimming pool and small horse-yards .

Flytrap ball vs Sticky Trap bucket & H-trap horseflytrap

Flytrap ball vs Sticky Trap bucket & H-trap horseflytrap

Testing = Knowing

Last Sunday a horsefly-trap test has been done at a Belgium stable to test 3 types of horsefly-traps. The weather conditions sunny ( 27 degrees Celcius) The test was between the original H-trap horseflytrap with the with funnel above, The horseflyball with flytrap-glue and the Sticky Trap Bucket fly-trap
Measurements has been done to find out about warmth, movement and the total of catched horseflies in the period from to 09:00 til 22:00.

H-trap Horsefly Trap

The original Horsefly trap wit the funnel and the H-trap came out as the less productive. The black ball who suppose to get hot so the horsefly will try to bite the ball did not get hot at all. The white funnel above prevented the ball to get on to real high temperatures from the sun and was stuck at 31 degrees. The movement was not visible with the naked eye all the time and the results speak for them self.

Result 28 Horseflies caught


Flytrap Ball

The blackball Glue trap was much better than the H-trap.
The ball was about 7 degrees Celsius hotter and more visible from al sights
Horseflies where getting attracted to the ball land 39 where stuck and caught!

Result 39 Horseflies caught



Sticky Trap Bucket

Most of the horseflies choose to go to the simple black bucket which hung 5 meters away.

De Sticky bucket where became the hottest and most attractive of al 3 horsefly-traps. Thanks to the thin material and up going warm which will go inside the black bucket it became 12 degrees hotter. The Sticky Trap flytrap was also moving more due the lightweight and was dancing in the wind.


Result 77 Horseflies caught!

The Sticky Trap Horsefly-glue with the buckets are the best and cheapest way to catch biting horseflies without any by-catch!